Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well, what can I say?...Here is what my husband does when he goes on vacation for a week!!:)  Why he feels the need to grow a "stache"... I will never know!! It must just be a guy thing!  He thought it was pretty funny and I thought it was pretty creepy!! Anyway, he was pretty proud and he got a great reaction from the guys in his office when he showed up on Monday morning!! He definitely likes to make us all laugh...but thank goodness it is gone!!! :)   

Thursday, August 13, 2009

10 YeAr ReUniOn...

Well, on August 7-9th I went back to "my home"...Louisville, KY!  It's been a long time since I have been back to visit since my parents no longer live there!  Needless to say, it brought back lots of memories and made me actually feel a little homesick!  Anyway, it was my 10 year high school reunion...which I can't believe I am that old already!  Breton stayed at the lake house with the kiddos and the rest of my family so I could have a nice little weekend away! I had SO much fun seeing the "old gang" and hanging out with such great friends!!!  

Woodhaven Country Club

Love all my girls!!! 

LotS of LaKe...

Well, here are the last of the lake pictures for the summer...there are lots! :)  We had such a fun time and were so glad we were able to spend an entire month enjoying the water!!  It always goes by way too fast!!!  

Until next summer. . .

Papa and KK...taking baths in the lake!

Celebrating Breton's B-day!

KK and Grandma!  

With Uncle Shay watching a movie!

Alicia teaching KK facebook faces!

Loving rides on Papa's lawn mower!

Many hours have been spent in this play house!

Another one of Dax's toilet masterpieces!

Heading to the golf course to watch all of the boys play in their tournament!

Not sure how she is even sleeping in that thing?!!

A lot of our family got together in honor of my Grandpa Hap who passed away last November!  He and my grandma were born and raised in Alexandria and have always spent the summers here with us!  We will always have such special memories of him here!  

Shay and Ash!
Mike singing a song he wrote called, "Alexandria!"

The whole fam.!

My daddy! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FiNaLLy...PiCtUrEs fRoM mAy...

Well, here are some of the pictures I had taken of the kiddos before we left for the summer (yeah, back in May :)) Anyway, I am finally getting around to posting some of them! Unfortunately, Breton was already gone for the summer so we weren't able to get any with all 4 of us! Thanks Sheryll for doing such a great job! (