Wednesday, December 29, 2010

KayLin'S 1st DaY oF KiNdErGaRtEn...

Well, it is hard to believe that my baby started kindergarten on August 23, 2010 at Dry Creek Elementary! I seriously cannot believe it!! A few days before school started we got to go to a meet and greet in her classroom and meet her teacher, Mrs. Moore. Kaylin was SO so excited to start kindergarten! The only thing she said she was a little nervous about was this... "I am afraid I won't be really good at kindergarten." So precious, and of course we reassured her! So when we dropped her off (me, Breton, Dax, Brody, and my mom) her teacher gave us a little pack of tissue and hot chocolate with a cute little poem attached. Basically saying to go wipe our tears, put up our feet, and know that we are leaving our little child with someone who loves them and is also excited to see them grow! Of course all of the moms were crying as we were walking away from our sweet babies!!! I was one of them...couldn't quite help it! Just thinking of how it is the beginning of sending her off on her own in this big world! So I ended up just staying and watching for a few extra minutes! Seriously, not 5 minutes into being in the classroom and I overhear Kaylin telling Mrs. Smith (the morning Kindergarten teacher) that she is a really good singer and she is going to be on American Idol someday. Then she started singing "California Gurls" for her! I figured after I heard that...She is going to be JUST FINE!!! :)

I somehow ended up getting strep throat the day she started kindergarten so I look a little hammered!!

Kaylin and Mrs. Moore

We are SO proud of our little kindergartener!!!