Monday, July 12, 2010

MaLL oF aMeRiCa...

On July 6th the kids and I headed off to Minnesota to spend the rest of July at the lake house! Of course we always spend the first day at Mall of America since it is literally 2 miles from the airport! Kaylin and Dax LOVE riding on all of the rides at the Adventure Park! Little did we know that on Tuesdays (which is the day we flew in), it is "Toddler Tuesday" so the kids had unlimited access to all of the rides! I guess we need to always make sure we fly in on a Tuesday from now on!!!

Dax exhausted from the early flight and long day of play!

Grandma loves to be a "grandma" and spoil the kiddos!
She bought them each a "Pillow Pet!" They were so excited!!

LaKe HoUsE WeEk oNe...

So here is our first week at the lakehouse! The whole family was up here this past week (except for the hubbies)! We had beautiful weather and tons of fun!
Warning: Lots and lots of photos in this post!!

Josh actually ended up coming up here for 2 days...his 1st time at the lake!

I am feeling very, very prego at this point! :)

KK Skiing on Mikey's Back!

So I couldn't believe Kaylin wanted to ski on Mike's back! I thought for sure she would freak out, but oh no...she LOVED it!! When we pulled the boat around to pick them up she was yelling, "I love it, I love it...I want to do it again!" The funny thing is I remember my uncle doing this with me when I was younger...such fun memories!


One of their favorite things to do is push Papa in the water!

New robes from Grandma and Grandpa...they like to think of them as Karate outfits!

Another favorite...Riding the Cub Cadet with Papa!

Kaylin and Dax making a bed on top of the coffee table!

Fishing with Papa!

Kaylin and Dax both catching their 1st fish! Papa bought them "real" fishing poles this year and gave them a few fishing lessons! :)

Taking a whiz in the lake! (ha ha)

Kaylin has been a little daredevil this year...she kept asking to go faster, over lots of bumps, and to go around in circles...UNTIL they all got knocked off!! It shook her up for about 5 min. then she decided she was ready for more! Luckily Dax was already off of the tube when that happened!

Inside our boat cover out on the dock this mother bird has built a nest and the little baby birds just is so precious! Here they are just waiting to be fed!