Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just Chillin'...

Banks came over to play and they all wanted to sit on the chair together! Of course, Kaylin insisted on sitting in the middle--she just loves her boys!!
Little Drama Girl...

No big deal...just having a little meltdown for no real reason at all!! Wow--she is such a girl!!!

oUr LiTtLe PhoTo sHoOt...

So I took the kids for a little photo was mainly for Dax, but I figured I might as well try to get a few with Kaylin and Dax together! Well, somehow we managed to get one decent picture of the two of them!

Here is our sweet little boy at 5 months!!

Monday, September 3, 2007


So on Saturday night we went to the Bears game as kind of our farewell evening in Chicago! It was a preseason game and they played the 49ers! It's kind of bitter sweet because we love being in the "windy city" for the summer, but it is not quite home!! We had so much fun with Casey and Em, and Grant, Tara, and Banks!! However, we were all really excited to leave the apartments and come back to Utah!! There really is no place quite like HOME!!!

Yeah, they look so cute here...BUT, Kaylin put me in tears this day which doesn't happen very often! She was such a "stinker" (to put it mildly), and my patience was long gone! She has such a strong personality and so much energy, so I guess the challenge at this age is to just channel it in the right direction!!! She really is so much fun, but at times she can be such a handful!!!

Another Day...

So every morning and night Breton does a series of stretches for his back and Kaylin loves to lay next to him and pretend she has to do the stretches too! She watches to see what he does and then immediately mimics it...but, sometimes she decides to just climb on him instead! She just loves her daddy!!

Just loving these cute faces!!

Dax just rolled over all by himself!! I usually have to help him out a little bit, but this time he did it on his own!