Thursday, May 29, 2008

a TyPiCaL dAy...

So we kind of have the same routine out here everyday (or almost everyday)!  We usually get up and go for a run...thank goodness the kids are always so good in the jogger and there are so many amazing running trails around here!  Then we end at the park which is only about a 1/2 mile from our apartment!  We then head home to change and go to the pool (I keep forgetting to take my camera)!  The weather is great here which of course makes everything so nice!  It's then time for lunch, naps (which are usually great after being in the sun all morning :)), and running errands...and then time to start the whole bed time routine (dinner, baths, reading....etc.) And finally the kids are off to bed!  It does feel a little bit like "Groundhog Day" every day, but not a bad one so I can't really complain!  It's definitely A LOT better than Breton's long days...but we really appreciate all that he does for us!!!

At the park there is a beautiful rose garden...seriously amazing and so pretty!!!  Apparently, Dax is not enjoying it in this picture!

All fresh and clean!

Kaylin usually wants Dax to come lay with her for a few minutes before I put him sweet babies!!

A very rare calm and relaxed!  I just love her little face!

And Dax falling asleep wherever he can after a long day!! 

My Birthday!
So Dax and I were sick all weekend.  I had a bad head cold and cough and Dax had a temperature of 103!  Breton was out of town all week long and came back late Saturday night!  It was nice just to hang low and have my husband back for my b-day!!  

Monday, May 19, 2008

GrAnDmA and PaPa StOuT's...

Well, we made a stop to Fresno on our way to the Bay Area!  Breton was able to stay for a few days and then he headed up to get the office started.  The kids and I stayed for another week and a half and had lots of fun spending time with Grandma and Papa and Uncle Austin!!  

Grandma Susan!

Another little birthday party for Dax!

These are my dad's parents who also live in Fresno!!  Great-Grandma Pretz and Grandpa Hap!

My parents also came in town for a few days because they were on their way back from Hawaii-she loved her little hula skirt and bikini!!

SwIm LeSsOns...

So here we are again at Jan Thomas Swim Lessons and this is Kaylin's first day!  Let's just say she was not very excited about it in the beginning...obviously by her face!! Just a little unsure of it all!!

By the 3rd lesson she was more than happy to go!!

Here she is with her teacher Maren!

Look at that jump!  What a big girl!!

After her 10 lessons, she gets a gold medal and a ribbon for being a "Champion Swimmer!"
So cute and fun!!!  We are so proud of our little swimmer!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


So...yeah!  Can you believe it!  He is a little over a year and just started crawling on April 30! We were so excited...At his one year check up the doctor told me I probably needed to get him into a therapist for an evaluation since he still wasn't crawling!  We were leaving town before I could get him in so I had been making phone calls to a place in Fresno.  Well, they finally called me back the day after he started to crawl!  He is all over now and loves to get into everything, of course!  But we are so happy!!!

His little truck Grandma and Papa Stout gave him for his birthday!

OuR LaSt DaY iN UtAh...

So I am a little behind with the blogging, but we are finally settled in Walnut Creek, CA for the summer!  We left Utah at the end of April and headed to Fresno for a couple of weeks to visit Breton's parents!  We are excited to be able to spend the summer out here--it is so beautiful and so many fun things to do!  So this was our last day in Utah before the "summer" started!  By the way, CONGRATS to Ashlee and Shay...they just got engaged at the beginning of May and are getting married on September 6!!  So exciting and we are so happy for them!  We love you tons!!!

I am missing my girls!!