Friday, July 25, 2008

KaYliN TuRnS 3!!!

Well, I can't believe my baby girl is turning 3 today!!!  No matter how long some days might feel,  Why is it that when we look back, the time always seems to have gone by way too fast?!!  It really does feel like "just yesterday"  when she was our little baby!  The crazy thing is...I am sure this statement only grows more true with time!  I guess that is why we enjoy every little moment along the way!  Everyday is a new adventure with her and it is so fun to hear the funny and precious things that come out of her mouth!  I love having my "little best friend" by my side!  Happy Birthday KK!  We love you tons!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!!

So today is my mom's 50th birthday...She was born on her dad's birthday so it is a very special day for us!  We all miss him very much!   He was such a wonderful dad and grandpa...full of life and always the life of the party!  There is no wonder where my mom's personality comes from!  We love you tons and are so grateful to have the best mom ever!  

Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July at the Lake...

Well, we went to visit the fam. at the lakehouse this 4th of July!  Every year there is a huge boat parade on the lake...everyone decorates their boats and it is so fun to watch!  Then at night the Arrowood Resort puts on a big firework show!  It is really fun because everyone is on the lake in boats and the local radio station plays music to go with the fireworks!  Towards the end they always play the Lee Greenwood  song, "I'm Proud to Be an American" and everyone yells and cheers at the words "From the Lakes of Minnesota, to the hills of Tennessee..."  Anyway, it was a really fun 4th and we had great weather all weekend!  The only thing missing was Breton...we all missed him tons!!!

Notice the band-aids....she is at that age where she is obsessed!  A band-aid makes any "owie" better!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

SaN fRaNcIsCo...

So we went into the city and spent the day doing all of the typical San Francisco things!  We obviously went to the pier, saw the seals, went to the Candy Baron, chocolate stores, ate fish and chips, etc...  Alicia and Susan both came out to visit so we had lots of fun hanging out!!  It was SO great to spend time with my sister and mother-in-law!!!

Lombard Street

Pier 39

Alicia took the kids on the carousel at the pier!!

Ghirardelli Square

Chocolate of course...Kaylin was in heaven and the ice cream sundae's were delicious!

It was really cute because we were watching them bake the famous sourdough bread from the window and they brought out 2 little bread turtles for Kaylin and Dax!  They both thought it was so fun!!!