Sunday, October 19, 2008

OuR wEeKenD tRiP...

Well, we went down to Fresno the first weekend in October and had such a fun time with friends and family!!  Grandma Susan took us to a cute little pumpkin patch and it was so much fun!!  There was a little spooky maze (which Kaylin was freaking out during), a hayride, little farm animals, corn circles, pumpkin picking, and wagon rides!!  Kaylin and Dax had a blast and so did we!!  Thanks grandma and Austin for such a fun time!

We even had a little picnic after!!!  :)

Well, here we all are...quickly growing in numbers with all of these little ones now!!  We loved being able to hang out with our great friends, the Cleveland's and the Zeedik' had been way too long!!  Such a fun time hanging out, shopping, eating, and spending time together!!  

Cute Halle and KK!!
The little 4some!  Dax, Halle, Cooper, and KK!

We took Kaylin to the Fresno Bulldogs game and she had lots of fun hanging out with all of the adults!!!
So I know this is a funny picture, but Kaylin LOVES this little bed that Grandma Susan makes for her everytime we come into town!  It makes her feel so special!  It's amazing how such simple things can be so pleasing!!! :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NeW yOrK, nEw YoRk...

Well, this last weekend Breton and I took a little 5 day trip to New York City!!  We hadn't been there since I was pregnant with Kaylin so it was so fun to go back!  The food, the shops, the shows...everything about it was so great--for us at least!  So back at home...Mike, Alicia, Ashlee and her new hubby, Shay (keep in mind they have been home from their honeymoon for 1 week) were watching KK and Dax for us while we were away.  This was the first time we've left the kids with someone other than my mom.  Well, Sunday morning I get a call and Dax had the flu!  Throwing up over and over...sick as can be!  This is also the first time Dax has ever been super sick--and of course it happens when we are out of town...that darn "murphey's law"!  Anyway, to cut the story short...Ashlee ends up getting it so Shay is trying to take care of 2 kids and his sick wife!  Mike gets it a few days later, I get it a few days after being home, and then finally Alicia!!   Pure craziness!!  Anyway, I was SO SO proud of how well my cute siblings handled everything...helping each other out and taking care of sick babies!!  They were so wonderful and we really can't thank them enough!!!

Yeah, no sparing calories here!  So delicious!!!

Our hotel was right next to Central Park so we would go running in the mornings through the fun!!

Finally, we saw "Lion King" and it was fabulous!!  I have been wanting to see this since we were here last!

What a great game...The Giants won in overtime against the Cincinnati Bengals!!

The Best Pizza in NY...we ate here twice it was so good!!  

The most famous bakery in NYC...couldn't leave NY without eating a cupcake from the girls' favorite dessert place on "Sex and the City"!!

One of my best friends from high school lives in the was so fun to go to dinner with her and catch up!!

So of course I dragged Breton to "Regis and Kelly" (last time I made him go to "The View", which I feel is probably worse) He is such a good sport!! :)  It was great...we sat in the front row!  I love their show and I must say how cute and darling and itty bitty Kelly is!  She is so freakin' cute...even more so in person!!
Such a fun trip!!!