Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WoMeN's CoNfErEnCe BoOtH...

So here it is...the reason why I have been behind with blogging!  For the last 2 months I have been working on this "Sharing Station" for Women's Conference!  When I was asked to do it, I had no idea what I was getting into...But it has been such a great experience!!!  Thanks to Holly for all of her help...couldn't have done it without her!!!  My topic was "A Righteous Army of Women--How can women step up and be strong contributors to the kingdom?"  We had to come up with a creative title, decorate a booth, and make an informative handout for women to get online. ANyway, this is what we came up with...such a great and uplifting evening!  So fun to see all of the other booths as well!  They can all be found on  

Ashlee, Me, Julie, and Tiffany!  (They were both in our old ward when we once all lived in Louisville!) 

KaYliN's PriMaRy AcTiViTy and KaTe's ShOwEr...

Kaylin had her little Primary Quarterly Activity and they were all supposed to dress up as something in a garden!  As you can see, KK was a butterfly!!

The girls celebrating Kate's 3rd baby!  We are so excited for this little boy to arrive!! 

SaLt LaKe MaRaThOn...

So on April 18th we all ran in the Salt Lake Marathon...And we decided to make it a girls weekend!  On Friday night we went to see "17 Again" and then stayed at Club Monaco in Salt Lake...Thanks to Hannah for the hotel room!!!  Then we were right downtown to catch the trax to take us to the starting line up at the University of Utah!!  We all had such a great time!!!

Just after the race...My mom and Ashlee did the half and Alicia and I did the full! So proud of you mom!!!

DaX's 2Nd BiRtHdAy...

Well, Dax turned 2 on April 13th!!!  I seriously can't believe it!!  We did a CARS theme this year since it is one of his favorites!  We had such a fun night with family and a few friends!!  


The week before Easter, Breton's parents came to visit before we head out for the summer! Kaylin and Dax had so much fun with Grandma, Papa, and Uncle Austin!  Grandma and KK made these cute Fruity Pebble Easter Baskets!!

Decorating Easter Eggs!

KK and her 2nd cousin, Trey!!  Such cute little buddies!

Wearing Mikey's glasses!

Every year we get together with my mom's side of the family and go to brunch at The Cottonwood Club!  They have a cute little Easter Egg Hunt for the kids!  It is always a fun tradition and great spending time with family!