Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SiLvEr BeAcH...

So this is probably our last beach picture for the summer!  This beach is about 40 min. from us in a town called St. John!  It is on Lake Michigan, but of course feels like you are at the ocean!  I was so surprised because it really was such a beautiful beach!  I guess I just wasn't expecting that here in the midwest!!!  Anyway, this is our last week in South Bend and I am so excited to get back home!!!  The summers are always an adventure and it is fun to live in different parts of the country, but when it's all said and done...there really is no place like home!!

The guys just playing a little volleyball!!!

AnD hE's OfF...

Well, Dax started walking this last week!  On August 13, he took his first 4 steps without holding on to the 15th he was walking all across the room, turning directions and all!! As all of you mom's know, it is SO fun to see our little ones make these 1st milestones!!  I just love it so much!  It is so cute because he stands up and before he even has time to get his balance, he is trying to take off!  He looks directly at me...eyes locked in to mine and he has the biggest smile that immediately turns into a laugh--everytime!!! My jaw is seriously killing me 
(I have a problem with gritting my teeth way too hard!)  I just can't help it though...he is way too cute!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

ThE PaRtY..."50 Years of Life, 30 Years of Love!!"

Well, here it is... a few pictures from the "ghetto-fabulous" party we had for my parents...celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary and 50th Birthdays!  (Ghetto fab. because we had it at my parents favorite "ribs and chicken" restaurant in Alexandria, MN...there's not a lot to work with when you are in such a small town!)  It made it all the more fun though!  I must say I have been quite busy and have had many sleepless nights preparing for this evening, but it was all so worth it!  There were big poster size pictures of them around the room, a 10 question game with funny things about my mom and dad, fun facts from 1978 on all of the tables, a 1978 Candy Bar that had lots of nastalgic candy from the seventies and personalized candy...and my 2 favorite surprises were the slideshow and the book of memories from all their friends!!  It was so fun to surprise them with all of these fun things!!  Then we had a disco ball with strobe lights for the dancing!!  Seriously, it was a "ghetto-fabulous" night!! :)

Here we are with Shay and Ashlee, Mike, Alicia and EJ!  

Ashlee and Alicia made this cute poster story with lots of different candy!

Mike sang a song!

Here is the book I made with all of the letters from their friends!!

My dad and one of his best friends, Mike Herzog!

Brenda Johnson and my cute mom!

Just hangin' out!

Kaylin wanted the microphone ALL night... she wanted to sing for everyone!!  It was pretty funny!!

By the end of the night, both kids were exhausted!!

ThE LaKe...AgAiN!!!

Just a little warning...there are lots of random pictures!  Thought I would just share some of the fun times at the lake!
My mom got us girls these cute matching swimsuits!!

Some serious manscaping going on here!!

Best Buddies!!

Happy 30th Birthday to my wonderful husband!!  

First day of the Resorters Golf Tournament!

Eating of her favorite things!!

Sadie and Dax playing in the dirty water!
So cute!!
Best friends!

Dax's favorite place to play!

We had so much fun with Kate, Savanna, and Sadie!!  It was so great to have them come up and visit for the day!  We can't wait to be home and hang out again in a couple of weeks!!

KaYliN's BiRtHdAy PaRtY!

Here is Kaylin's little birthday party that we had out here in Indiana!  Since we aren't at home to celebrate with friends...we had a bunch of the couples over from Breton's office!  They were all real cute and made her birthday feel like a party!  

NoTrE dAmE...

So here we are at Notre Dame!  They have 2  lakes with running trails around the campus...there is even a little beach on one of the lakes!  What a beautiful campus!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

5 YeAr AnNiVeRsArY...

So today is our 5 Year Anniversary...I guess this is just a month of "tributes"...lots of different occasions during this time of the year!!   There is never a dull moment with Breton around and I can't imagine my life with anyone else!  It has been a fabulous 5 years...Happy Anniversary!  Love you tons!!