Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow...

So it snowed all day yesterday and half of today...Kaylin could not wait to get out and play in the snow!!

Sunday Best and Weekday Mess...

Here are the kids after church...Kaylin is wearing her Christmas dress that Grandma Susan gave her! She calls it her fancy princess dress because it has lots of tulle on it! (In fact she is napping in it right and all! I may have a problem getting it off of her!)

Dax eating his first Biter Biscuit...he is loving every minute of it!!

We are all so sad because Brittney moved to California and she was in town this last week visiting!! It is so sad to have a great friend (and hair stylist) leave!

THe HuMpTy DaNce...

K, well Breton is going to kill me when he finds out that I put this on here, but it is just so funny! For all of you that know Breton, he always claims he is not a "performer" even though he really can sing! Well, he is also really good at mimicking that is what he decided to do! Anyway, he finally decided to rap The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground one night on the cruise...ENJOY!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

OUr CrUiSe...

So last week we went on a cruise to Mexico with Breton's company! It was a little hard to leave the kids at first, but it was really nice being able to just spend time with each other! We had lots of fun hanging out with friends and just relaxing!! Unfortunately, we didn't catch up on sleep... in fact we probably got less sleep than at home...thanks to all the late nights (and a husband who likes to fit as much in as possible)!! I guess it was just too tempting to us both since we didn't have any kind of schedule! However, we are glad to be home!!!

Puerto Vallarta

Scott, Cody, Breton, Adam, and Steve!

We did the zip was lots of fun!!


Here we just walked along the beach, got massages (probably the best one I have had to date), and did a little shopping--or looking I should say!

Cabo San Lucas

We just relaxed on the beach all day at a resort...they had these cabana's with chairs and lovesacs and places to just relax! It was great!! These are some of the cute girls I hung out with on the trip!!