Thursday, February 12, 2009


We had a fun day with family and friends!  
Here we are making lots of food for the big game!!

Kaylin is quite the little helper in the kitchen these days!  She loves to pull up a chair next to me and wants to know everything I am doing!  :)
Kaylin and Sophia!

Breton, Dax, Shane, and Oliver...watching the game!!!

Josh and Alicia!

A wEeK iN fLoRiDa...

Well, a couple of weeks ago we went out to Florida to visit my parents!  It was such a wonderful trip...especially when we trade in snow for sun!!!  We loved spending time at Grandma and Grandpa's and it was so nice for the kids to spend endless hours outdoors!! We have been home for 2 weeks now and already wanting to go back!!! :)  Too bad it is so far away!  


Their favorite place! 

Saying bye to Papa!
Kaylin and Dax loved the beach, but we ended up spending most of the days in the backyard! All the kids wanted to do was play in Grandma and Papa's pool and hot tub! We seriously spent about 5- 6 hours out there everyday!!  It was fabulous!!  They also loved going on daily golf cart rides around the neighborhood!  Thanks mom and dad for everything!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

HoLiDaYs PaRt 2...

Well, it has taken me forever to finally post these last pictures from the holidays!  So here it is...months late! :)

New Year's with the Clevelands!!! 

Great Grandma Pretzie!

Kaylin dressing up in my boots and hat!  She loves to wear her sundresses...even if it is December!!  

So this is my VERY favorite thing right now!!  This is how Dax folds his arms to say a prayer!  He puts his little hands in a fist and places them under his chin, then puts his head down!  Not real sure where he got it from, but we love it!!!

Bowling with the Stout Family!

Kaylin's Christmas dance recital!  It was so cute to see all of these girls dancing!!!  Kinda funny story:  They had these big stockings that they would get in and out of as part of the dance and  in one section they lay them down on the floor so they can slide back into them.  Anyway, Kaylin had to make sure hers was perfectly flat...not a corner turned over!  She spent a lot of the dance "fixing" her stocking and the girls next to her!   The teacher came over and started to help her finish faster so she could join back in!  Not too surprising if you know KK's personality!!  Breton and I were dying!!! :)