Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DrY cReeK BuLLdoGs SocCeR...

Well, here is Kaylin on her 1st day of soccer practice! She played on her U-6 school soccer team...the Lil' Bulldogs!!! It was so much fun to watch her play over the season and to see her grow and get better with each game! Her 1st few games consisted of "looking around for butterflies", running only when she wanted to, and wanting to sit under the chair in the shade because it was too hot! :) But she really grew as the games went on and she even scored a goal in one of her last games!!! Once that happened, she really started to get into it! Such a fun fall season to watch her play!!! She did such a great job!

Her little friends...Tyler, McKenzie, and Hadlee!

Here is Tyler Walker who they call "Walker." He is in Kaylin's kindergarten class and this is KK's 1st little "boyfriend!" So cute at this age...their 1st little crushes! Kaylin told me she "broke up" with him though because everyone was teasing her saying, "KK and Walker are in love." She didn't like everyone talking about it, SO...they had to break up! Too hilarious!!

Playing at Chukchansi Park!

BrOdY at 1 MoNtH...

Well, here is our sweet little Brody at 1 month old! He seriously is the BEST baby...I can't even begin to describe how good he is! He is just so precious and we love him so much! The kids immediately want to hold him once they get home from school! I just love holding him and can't stop staring at him! What is it about new babies?? Their smell is just so perfect...even their sweet baby breath! Mmmm...I just can't get enough!

I had to get a picture of him crying because it is a very rare occasion!

Here in the swing is where he spends a lot of his time! He LOVES the swing! It is my saving grace when I am busy with the other 2!!

His 1st day of church (6 weeks old)!!

AuGuSt DaYs...

So my mom stayed out with us for about 2 1/2 weeks after Brody was born and it was perfect because it was during all of the 1st part of school! We finally gave Kaylin her birthday present since we were out in Tennessee for the summer! Yes, she got her 1st bike!! (Grandma ended up getting Dax a bike too so they could ride together...Spiderman, of course!) They loved riding outside on their new bikes!

Lately they have had a fascination with my closet and here is one of their ensembles they came up with today! So silly!!

In Kaylin's class they get an opportunity to bring home the class teddy bear named, "Teddy" and we get to write all about Teddy's adventure with Kaylin!! She was so excited to bring him home!

DaX's 1St DaY oF pReScHoOL...

Wow...these last few weeks have been filled with quite a few "firsts!" Our little Dax started preschool today on September 7, 2010! I can't believe I have 2 kiddos in school now! Dax is going to Angie Cleveland's preschool 2 days/week called, "The Little Birds Preschool" and he was SO excited! I have the cutest story to share about him! So the night before Kaylin started kindergarten, Breton gave her a Father's blessing. For the next 2 weeks (because Dax started preschool 2 weeks later), he would ask, "Momma, when am I gonna get my bwessing?" "Is it my day to get my bwessing yet?" Everyday he would ask and was so excited for Daddy to give him a blessing!! It was so cute to hear him ask every single day!! We just love him to pieces and can't believe he is such a big boy!! And of course he picked out an IronMan backpack!