Sunday, September 13, 2009

ALiciA aNd JoSh's WeDDiNg...

On September 4, 2009, Alicia and Josh got married in the Salt Lake Temple!  It was such a beautiful ceremony and we are so happy for them! 

So Kaylin found this "little" spot and she started doing a bunch of cute/serious poses...I was dying!  Of course Dax had to join in after!!!

My sisters!!
Shay, Mike, Chad, Dave, Rachel, and Lizzy!

All the girls!

Family and Friends!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

ReCepTiOn at La CaiLLe...

Well, what can I say?!!!  The reception was up at La Caille...Salt Lake's little hidden treasure!  It was so fun to be up here because Breton and I really hadn't been back since our own reception 6 years ago!!  The grounds are absolutely of course we had to take tons and tons of pictures!!! It was such a great and fun evening!!!


Ash, Me, Alicia, and Shelby!

Us with our favorite KY girl, Vicki!!!
(She was my YW President when I was growing up...Seriously the Best!)

So all evening Kaylin wanted to follow Dan (the photographer) around because she wanted him to take pictures of her!  If she couldn't be in a picture she seriously started crying!  It was so hilarious! Here she is doing another pose!

This is her finally getting a picture with Alicia and she is trying so hard to smile...Again, she was just crying because she had to wait while they took pictures without her!

Daddy and Dax!

Mommy and KK!

Us trying to get a decent family shot!

So grown up!!

Our whole fam.!!

I probably took over 50 pictures of these 2 and this is about the best I could get!  Both of them were constantly making faces and of course looking everywhere but the camera!! 

Grandma and KK!

Mom and Dad!

The Atrium!

Groom's Cake!

Breton and Shane!

2 of my favorite gals...Tara and Hannah!

Kaylin and Trey dancing away!

Bethany and 2 cute babysitters that spent the whole day and evening with us!
They were such a great help!

Congrats to the beautiful couple!
Love you tons!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

TeMpLe aNd ReHeArSaL DiNnEr...

On Thursday, September 5th we all got to go with Alicia through the temple!  Then that night we had a wonderful dinner with close friends and family!! 

Mount Timpanogos Temple

Rehearsal Dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Doing their typical "feminine" photo now that Josh is part of the family! :)

All the boys!