Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas in Florida..

So this year we were able to spend 2 weeks over the holidays at my parent's house in Florida!!! The kids love being at grandma and papa's!! Such a fun time!!! Thanks mom and dad for everything!!!

Santa made a special visit to the house!! He brought a gift for Kaylin and Dax and came in to sing Christmas songs with everyone!!! (Too bad papa was missing for this fun event...I wonder where he was?? :))

Thanks "Santa" for the most wonderful Christmas ever!!!!

Kaylin's "Twinkle Toes!"
So here is a funny story!! Papa found these shoes and wanted to get them for KK because they had the cute little sparkles on the toes!! When she opened them up she was ecstatic...literally!
Here is what she said, "Oh my gosh, they're "twinkle toes"...they are what I have been dreaming about! I have always wanted these!!" We were all laughing because of how dramatic she was and how creative we thought she was because she called them "twinkle toes!" Well, I was looking at the box and they really are called "Twinkle Toes!" Who knew?? None of us did so I asked her how she knew they were called "Twinkle Toes?" She said, "Because I saw them on the commercial and have always been dreaming about them!!!"
It was classic!!

Dax's Top Gun jacket!!

The guys playing water basketball (aka...let's see how bad we can hurt each other!) They are all very competitive while here! I guess that is what happens when there is that much testosterone in the same house for 2 weeks straight!! :) They golfed almost every day, played over 200 games of pool, water b-ball, and everything else inbetween!!!

Chillin' in the hot tub!!

Going to see the Chipmunk Squeakquel!!

KK, Ash, and Shay!

Loving rides in the golf cart...also looking for alligators! Dax's favorite line over Christmas was, "Alligator's not eat me!"

EaRLy ChRiStMaS aCtiViTieS...

Well since we were heading to Florida for the holidays Santa came a little early this year and brought a few things that he knew wouldn't fit on the airplane home!! They were so excited!

Kaylin's Christmas Dance Recital

KK loves her dance class and Ms. Kim so much!! It was so fun to watch her sing her heart out and dance!!! We are really going to miss this when we move!!