Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LaSt WeEk...

Well, here we are at the midnight showing of Twilight on Thursday night!!!  I would love to hear what everyone thought!  It of course is not the book...but I ended up really loving it!!! ANyway, such a fun night with the girls!! :)

Our usual Sunday walk!!

So last week I put up most of my Christmas decorations!!  With family coming in town and us leaving for Christmas, I figured I would do it a little early!!  I just really love the holidays!!!  Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!! 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grandpa Hap...

This last weekend we took another trip down to Fresno for my Grandpa Hap's funeral.  He passed away on November 4th and we had the funeral service on Monday.  It is always very hard when you lose a loved one, however, I am so grateful for all of the many wonderful years we have had with him!  We love him and will greatly miss him!

Grandpa Hap and Grandma Pretz ... last April!

The Rose Family!

The Great Grandkids! 

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well, the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy with all of the Halloween festivities!  So here comes the flood of pictures of everything we have been up to these last few weeks!!!  

Kaylin had to make it very clear to everyone that she was a "nice witch" for Halloween!!

Dax as a bat!!

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson!

The kiddos with Cyd and Delcie at our ward Trunk or Treat Party!

So Kaylin and I made cupcakes during the day on Halloween so that we could come home after trick-or-treating and decorate them!  Well, while I was in the shower...Kaylin ate the tops off of almost all of the cupcakes.  She decided to "share" with Dax too and I found about 4 more in the family room all over the floor!!  What a sneaky little girl...I couldn't help but laugh!!

PiRaTeS aNd PaRtiEs...

This week Sophia and Oliver came over to play and we made these little pirate hats and wands!!  They were playing "pirates and crocodiles" and they all took turns being the "captain" of the ship!! Dax ended up wanting to wear the hat 24/7 for the next few days!!  Who knew a foam hat would be such great entertainment!!

Well, here is Dax wearing his 2 favorite things right now...his pirate hat (as I mentioned) and princess slippers!!  Breton gets SO mad at me for letting him wear Kaylin's shoes, but I think it is the funniest thing ever!!  He always brings me a pair of shoes and wants me to put them on him!  I think he loves her slippers because the heals light up!!  Anyway, it's pretty classic!! :)
Halloween Party

Hanging out by the chip bowl!

Kaylin's pumpkin she decorated!

Dax was loving the frosting on the you can tell!!

The day before Halloween, Jen Brotherson had a fabulous little party for all of the kids!!  There was pumpkin bowling, a cake walk, pumpkin toss, pumpkin and cookie decorating, and yummy treats!!  Thanks Jen for such a fun afternoon!!

Vivian Park...

Last Sunday we took a drive up the canyon and to Vivian Park to look at all of the beautiful scenery this time of year!!  I really do love the fall here, especially with all of the leaves changing colors!!  

So everyday, Kaylin loves to pick out a new outfit for herself!  No matter what I dress her in, the second we get home she heads for her closet to find a new outfit!!  This is what she pieced together today...a summer dress with rain boots!!  Hey, at least she picked boots that matched her bows!! :)

This is Dax's new favorite thing to do!!  One, he is loving all of the suckers from all of our Halloween festivities!  And two...he LOVES to sit in the fridge and just chill!! It seriously cracks me up!!  Why are kids so funny!?!

I had to post this picture because it depicts Dax so perfectly at this time in his life!!  He is completely OBSESSED with chips...any kind: Dorito's, Tortilla, Cheetos, Pretzels, etc...  He carries around a little bag almost all day long!  I now make him eat the messy ones in his high chair because I am sick of having my carpet look like his mouth!! :) 

DaNce cLasS...

So last week all of the girls in Kaylin's dance class wore their Halloween costumes and all of the parents were able to come in and watch!  They put on a little dance to the "Monster Mash" and it was so adorable!!!  She and Savanna are such cute little dancers!!

TrIcK oR tReAt StReEt...

Well, it wouldn't be Halloween without taking the kids to the "Trick or Treat Street" up at the Southtowne Expo. Center!  This is our 3rd year and we loved being able to go with Hannah and Sophia!!  

I am not really sure how it happened, but Kaylin was doubling up on the candy!  She would get candy in her princess bucket 1st, set it down, then open up her bag for another round!!! It was pretty funny!! 

Dax was just loving the atmosphere with all of the lights and decorations!! 

GarDneR ViLLagE...

Kate and I took the girls (and Dax) to Gardner Village for the little Witch Festival they have every year!!  It was so much fun walking around to all of the cute shops and boutiques...and of course seeing all of the amazing witch displays (which I only took pictures of a few).  They also had little pony rides for the kids....Dax found a new love!!  He is obsessed with riding the ponies and it is so cute!  The kids had a blast and so did we!! :) 

Dax, Sadie, Kaylin, and Savanna!

This witch is sitting on the toilet and was called, "Witchy Poo!" Kaylin was like, "Eew gross!"

Such silly girls!!