Thursday, January 31, 2008

BeSt FrIeNdS...

Here are Kaylin and Savanna coloring and playing with princesses! Kaylin's favorite thing is to play with "Nanna." She always gets so excited...they are such cute friends!!

Sadie and Dax!!

So the other night Kaylin was absolutely exhausted and I looked over at her and she had totally fallen asleep...her head was falling side to side--it was seriously one of the funniest things ever!

Just making peanut butter cookies with grandpa's yummy homemade peanut butter!

Of course... just hanging out!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


So I had to show a few favorite pictures of my sweet little boy!! I can't believe he is already 9 months! He is the happiest baby and his little expressions just melt my heart! He has definitely become a mama's boy and wants to be at my hip all day long! It is so fun to see the difference between boys and girls...I love it all!!!

The Boys...Daddy and Dax!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

sNoWmAn AnD fAt CaTs...

The other day Kate watched the kids while I taught my aerobics classes and this is what they made! Such a cute snowman!!! Thanks Kate!

So we took the kids to Fat Cats on Friday to go bowling! They all loved it and were surprisingly really good about waiting their turns! Kaylin was so excited to bowl...every morning she would wake up and say, "go bowling today?" It was pretty cute!!

Kaylin, Dax, Banks, and Blake!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

HoLiDaYs iN fLoRiDa...

So we have been in Florida for the past 2 weeks for the holidays visiting my parents! It was so much fun and SO nice to be out of the cold for a while! The weather was nice everyday we were was so relaxing and felt so good to get some sun! We layed out, went swimming, went to the beach ,the guys went golfing almost every day, etc...! It was a great vacation!

hApPy NeW yEaR's...

My friend Erika from high school came over to visit! Her and her husband moved to Florida a few years fun that my parents live only a few minutes away!!

We went bowling for the first time in a long time...a little rusty for me! I guess playing the Wii bowling didn't really help my skills!


Christmas Eve Dinner!

Papa and Kaylin!

What a great Christmas! It was so fun to see KK get so excited about every gift!! Dax was happy too...anything he can get in his mouth is good for him!

SiEsTa KeY bEaCh...

Well, we made major progress this trip! Kaylin FINALLY stepped in the sand!!! She started with her flip flops on and by the end of the day she was loving it--running everywhere! Maybe the soft sand had something to do with seriously felt like we were stepping on powdered sugar! It was so beautiful and so nice to be in 80+ degree weather!

Christmas Lights...

We went to Temple Square to look at all of the beautiful's such a wonderful time of year! We went with my grandma, Mike, Ashlee, and Alicia!!


So Sweet!!

Santa's little helpers hiding in the bathroom, probably getting ready to do something really naughty!!

The night before we left to Florida we opened some gifts from Breton's family...It was a little tramatic at first... Kaylin opened the first present ( a doctor kit from Grandma and Grandpa Stout) and of course wanted to play with it! After lots of tears, we finally convinced her she will like the other presents too! Needless to say, she loved everything else and especially the little ballerina set from Uncle Seth and Aunt Nicole--again, had to sleep with them in her bed!!