Saturday, June 21, 2008

tWo AgAiNsT oNe...

I took Kaylin and Dax to see Kung Fu Panda the other day and well...we survived!!  The first half hour was pretty good, then Dax just wanted to crawl up and down the stairs in the theater--he really liked the lights along the floor!  So yes, I know...absolutely disgusting!  I NEVER thought I would let my kid crawl around on a gross movie theater floor, but I did! (He also got straight in the bath when we got home!) Anyway, Kaylin did pretty well, however, at one point I did have Kaylin heading toward the front of the theater and Dax crawling as fast as he can to the back!  Luckily there weren't many people in the theater, which is why we went when we did, but still!  Just trying to get out and do some fun things...but sometimes I wonder if it was worth all of the work?!!! :)

Oakland Zoo...

Well, I decided it was time to switch up our daily routine so I took the kids to the Oakland Zoo!  Everyone around here told me how great this zoo is for young children...and they were so right!! It was fabulous!!  Aside from the actual zoo, they have a whole area called "The Children's Zoo."  There were little parks with statue animals to play on, leap pads on water the kids can jump on, a little farm where they can brush and pet the animals, a picnic area, slides, etc...  It was great!  Then right next to the zoo there is a little amusement park with a few kiddie rides and a train that takes you around the zoo and it also overlooks the bay and downtown Oakland!  Seriously, what more could you want, right?!!  Anyway, we had a really fun day!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

Thanks for being such a great dad to our kiddos!
We love you tons!!!   

MoRe PaRkS...

So I pretty much feel like most of my life right now is spent at the park!  We have already been to 6 different parks in the area...aside from the one next to us which we visit daily!  It is great though...Kaylin and Dax love it and it is so nice to have them all so close!  I can definitely see why people pay lots of money to live in this area!!  It is beautiful! Thought I would just share a few!!

Larkey Park

Heather Farms Park
(our "home" park)

Tilden Park

This park is actually in is a regional park and is so cute because they have a little farm with animals and steam trains the kids can ride on!!