Wednesday, December 29, 2010

KayLin'S 1st DaY oF KiNdErGaRtEn...

Well, it is hard to believe that my baby started kindergarten on August 23, 2010 at Dry Creek Elementary! I seriously cannot believe it!! A few days before school started we got to go to a meet and greet in her classroom and meet her teacher, Mrs. Moore. Kaylin was SO so excited to start kindergarten! The only thing she said she was a little nervous about was this... "I am afraid I won't be really good at kindergarten." So precious, and of course we reassured her! So when we dropped her off (me, Breton, Dax, Brody, and my mom) her teacher gave us a little pack of tissue and hot chocolate with a cute little poem attached. Basically saying to go wipe our tears, put up our feet, and know that we are leaving our little child with someone who loves them and is also excited to see them grow! Of course all of the moms were crying as we were walking away from our sweet babies!!! I was one of them...couldn't quite help it! Just thinking of how it is the beginning of sending her off on her own in this big world! So I ended up just staying and watching for a few extra minutes! Seriously, not 5 minutes into being in the classroom and I overhear Kaylin telling Mrs. Smith (the morning Kindergarten teacher) that she is a really good singer and she is going to be on American Idol someday. Then she started singing "California Gurls" for her! I figured after I heard that...She is going to be JUST FINE!!! :)

I somehow ended up getting strep throat the day she started kindergarten so I look a little hammered!!

Kaylin and Mrs. Moore

We are SO proud of our little kindergartener!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

LitTLe PhOtO sHoOt...

Here are a few pictures from Brody's little newborn photo shoot. I am just loving him so much right now! He is so sweet and precious and there really is nothing like having a newborn at home! His sweet little spirit brings something so special into our home and family! We all just want to stare at him and hold him! We just love him tons!

His Birth Announcement

1st MoNtH hOmE...

Here are just a few pictures of Brody's 1st month at home! Pretty much just sleeping pictures since that is most of what they do!

Dax tells me all of the time, "I wuv Baby Brody SOOOOOO much!" Every time Dax holds him he rubs his cheek against Brody's forehead/eye! So sweet!

I just love that mouth!

1st Bath

1st Football Game

It was so nice having my mom here for 2 1/2 weeks! Nothing better than having Grandma around!!!

BrOdY WoOd...

Well, here we go! My attempt to catch up over the last few months! I am going to be writing a lot so feel free to skip over this, however, now that I print my blog it serves as our family journal! So here goes our little story of Brody...someday I may not be able to remember all of these little details unless they are written!
Well, after our "adventure" of spending the summer in Tennessee (and Minnesota :)), we finally headed back home on August 1st...Only 2 weeks before this little guy was born! I ended up getting induced 1 week early and it happened to be on Breton's birthday! So, Thursday, August 12 we went into the hospital to have this little guy. Everything was pretty routine for us (especially since I have been induced with all 3). I got started on pitosin around 8am. By 10:30-11 I was starting to feel the contractions come on pretty strong and was ready to get my epidural. However, the anesthesiologist was in an emergency C-section so I had to wait until he was finished. Minutes just going by as I am gripping on to the rails of the bed, squeezing the pillow behind my head, snapping my fingers in a rhythm, telling Breton to stop talking on the phone because I needed to concentrate :)! (anyone else do these things during labor? haha) So now it is 11:45 and I ask the nurse how much longer will he be? She tells me that she just asked him and he said no longer than 15 min. She checks me and I am dialated to a 6. So now I am just staring at the clock watching every minute pass! Right on 12:00 sharp he is headed into my room to give me the epidural. The nurse tells me to sit up and get ready. Just as I sit on the edge of the bed I have a contraction and let me tell you...the intensity of this one caught me off guard! I will save you my own description of this pain (as I am sure many can probably relate)! So I tell them I have to lay back down...the nurse checks me and I am of course at a 10 and baby is ready to come (which means no epidural)! I have to wait about 10 minutes for Dr. Swanson to arrive...trying NOT to push which is almost impossible. My cute mother in law was there at this point and helped me breathe through it all!! (My mom was coming out a few days later since I decided to get induced and I told her not to change her flight)! Anyway, Dr. Swanson arrived in the middle of a contraction and a few pushes later, Brody had arrived!! The irony of the whole situation was that during my whole pregnancy I was debating on whether to have the epidural or go natural since it was now my 3rd and all! Of course I ended up deciding not to go natural...why fight through the labor pains if I didn't have to, right?? of course I am glad it happened. I can say I have done it. Will I be doing it again next time? NO THANKS...once was enough!!! I think I will be opting to relax and play "words with friends" with Breton again while we wait!! But of course, Brody was worth every second of it all! We just Love him to pieces!

We couldn't believe it...our 1st baby with hair!!!
Born at 12:23 pm
7 lbs 2 oz.
20 inches

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Ready to go home!

Thanks to our wonderful friends and family who watched Kaylin and Dax for us while we were in the hospital!