Sunday, March 6, 2011

ChRisTmaS pArTieS...

So here we are at our Christmas parties for this year! First, we had our ward Christmas party and the kids got to see Santa! Then we had Dax's preschool party! We decided to carry on the tradition with some friends and have our annual Ugly Sweater/Turtleneck Party! There were lots of couples and we had a great time! Gotta love the Christmas season! So hear is to another wonderful year! Goodbye 2010!

Casey reading, "Twas the Night Before Christmas!"

Fallon and Zane won the prize for best outfit!


will, jess, gabbie, kensie, cambrie... said...

cute pics jen. i love all your new posts. makes me want to update my day. :) your kids are so cute! and you of course look wonderful!

Kate Brotherson said...

This makes me sad.... I wish you were still here in Utah and we could come to your fun party. I miss you all. Come back.

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